The second edition of TEDxCollegeOfEuropeNatolin is coming up in less than a month, and we are excited to release the theme, Braving the Impossible! Our speakers will share with us what they perceive impossible and tend to give solutions, suggestions and answers to challenge, tackle and overcome what appears impossible. Stay tuned for further details as to the panel of speakers!

In the meantime, please meet the team! We are fourteen highly motivated students from Armenia, France, Italy, Moldova, Morocco, Poland, Spain and Ukraine, with complementary backgrounds in economics, law, international relations, journalism, history and languages.

Clémence and Giorgia are co-organisers of the event ensuring the coordination of the differents teams. Jérôme and Mélanie are managing the event’s finances and sponsors, while Adam, Liliia, Jakub, Gaia and Volodymyr are in charge of the speakers. Finally, Alina, Gayla, Raquel and Vanessa are dealing with the communication of the event and Clémence and Jérôme with the logistics.

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