TEDx College of Europe Natolin 2017 Registration!

Registration open Monday 27 March 2017, 12pm 

at http://tedxcoenatolinbravingtheimpossible.eventbrite.co.uk?s=74435706

In time of great flux and disruption, many of our beliefs and convictions are being challenged, maybe even turned upside down – for better or for worse. We need guidance, inspiration and hope more than ever before. We need to believe that a brighter future is possible and need to make it happen.

TEDxCollegeOfEuropeNatolin believes in ideas that can change the world. Our speakers, curated from a wide cross-section of disciplines and backgrounds, don’t just argue for change and action, they demonstrate how one can make change happen and brave the, so-called, impossible.

TEDxCollegeOfEuropeNatolin 2017 will be a unique and engaging gathering which will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform. The event will be held on Thursday 6 April 2017 on the College of Europe Natolin campus. 

The event will be followed by a networking dinner organised by the College of Europe, where you’ll be able to exchange with the speakers, our partners and the other attendees.

The ticket allows you access to both the TEDx event and the networking dinner.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at tedxcoenatolin.pl@coleurope.eu for any question.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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