Auditorium Copernicus

Step 1. Call for proposals

The TEDx College of Europe Natolin team launched the Student Competition in January with a call for applications, for which 12 students sent their proposals explaining what impossible means to them and how they believe it can be overcome. The objective of this student competition was to select a speaker among the College of Europe 2017 promotion.

Out of the total applicants, the 5 most inspiring speeches were selected to take part on a mini-TEDx event which was held Sunday 19th February to choose one speaker for the TEDx College of Europe Natolin taking place on Thursday 6th April.

Step 2. The mini-TEDx event 

A highly motivated team of fourteen students transformed a relaxed Sunday evening at the College into a successful event, which demonstrated the keen interest of the students for TEDx talks. The candidate speakers, Aleksandra Brodowska, David Lodder, Alaa Jadallah, Cankat Özkan and Iryna Hnasevych opened up their hearts, sharing their personal stories and challenges, ranging from women and gender rights to gymnastics, videogames and science, captivating the audience.

Step 3. Meet the winners

Astounded by the high quality of the speeches, amazing performances and devotion of the candidate speakers, the jury comprised of 5 members of both the TEDx team and the Natolin campus administration selected not one but two students, Alaa Jadallah and Cankat Özkan, to join the official panel of speakers in the upcoming TEDx College of Europe Natolin.