Auditorium Copernicus

Who will be embracing Diversity?

Solomiya Vitvitskais a news presenter/journalist at 1+1 Channel (Ukraine). She is also an enthusiastic volunteer who has been supporting soldiers in hospitals and in the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone, as well as organising charity events since the beginning of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine in 2014. In 2016 Solomia launched a multimedia project “Peremozhtsi” (“Victors”) telling stories of Ukrainian warriors who lost their limbs in the military conflict (ATO), raising an essential question of society and a state being poorly prepared for these people. Be prepared for a moving performance about a topic that is at the heart of today’s preoccupations.

Roman Torgovitsky holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University. His research focused on sleep medicine, brain imaging, and mathematical epidemiology. Based on his research, he created an integrative medical program “Soma System.” He is also the founder of an American non-profit Healing War Scars and Ukrainian charity Warrior’s Heart in Ukraine. These two organizations use soma system methodology to help veterans to re-integrate into the society. His performance will for sure bring us exceptional knowledge about the concrete application of science in our daily lives.

Julie Dachez holds a PhD in social psychology. She has been diagnosed as autistic - Asperger syndrome - at the age of 27. Since then, her life changed and she has reconciled with her inner self. Being a speaker and a transmedia author, she expresses herself either on blogs as well as on the Youtube platform. She is the author of La Différence Invisible (The Invisible Difference) and Dans ta Bulle (In your Bubble). Her performance will bring us in new territories; questioning the very concept of normality in our society. It will also underline the importance of understanding ourselves in order to accept it.

Amel Hammami had worked as a researcher on radicalisation and de-radicalisation processes. In 2016 and 2017 she worked as a legal expert in the ‘Truth and Dignity’ Commission of Tunisia where she was responsible for investigating the truth about the various abuses of Human Rights under the dictatorship. She has, from 2006 on, a long experience of Human Rights activist with the General Union of Tunisia Students, the Tunisian League of Human Rights and other civil society actors. She aspires to promote the "values of tolerance, diversity and peace in her society". Her performance will be a great call for respect and mutual acceptance.

Màriam Lutfi Royo holds an LL.B. and is a licensed Lawyer interested in European Affairs. In 2013, Màriam met Leukaemia and her fast-moving world stopped abruptly; but luckily, keeping positive and dancing, she overcame this disease. This dancer tries to uncover our today’s reality in order to positively raise social awareness of Leukaemia in two directions: first, she defines people who suffer Leukaemia not as weak, but unstoppable, stronger and more alive than ever; and second, she demonstrates how solidarity is the perfect ingredient to make this disease 100% curable.

Emil Balavac is a youth worker, human rights and peace activist with a strong belief that solidarity and embracing diversity is the only way into future, who holds university degrees in international and comparative law and diplomacy. His current work includes being Program manager in Youth club "Under the same sun", leading the Jablanica Municipality Youth Council, as well as working for UNDP on insider mediation and promotion of dialogue, for International organization for Migration (IOM) on preventing violent extremism in local communities, and as administrator of Municipal election commission.

Ewa Rumińska-Zimny holds a PhD. in economics and is currently a Gender Studies lecturer at the Polish Academy of Science. She also has a work experience at the United Nations in New York as a senior economist at the Human Development Report Office and in Geneva as Gender Focal Point and Head, Gender and Economy programme at the at the UN Economic Commission for Europe responsible for regional reviews of the Beijing Platform for Action (2000-2009). She is the author of reports and publications including 2009 Gender Gap and Economic Policy. And she is finally expert for international organizations: UN, European Parliament; European Commission and the Council of Europe.