Auditorium Copernicus

Who will be braving the Impossible?

Charlotte Nørlund-Matthiessen is a Danish Natolin Alumna and MEP assistant. She is the co-founder of the start-up Clicknsign, the first online signature platform for citizen law proposals in Europe. Her speech will focus on the possible ways to overcome the issue of democratic deficit and enhancing civic engagement.

Tomasz Jabłoński is a lawyer, founder and CEO of Qpony.pl, the biggest Polish smart shopping application, as well as the owner of Blix, a leading commercial news application. He will focus on the technological and human challenges one has to overcome to successfully build and manage a fast growing m-commerce group.

Madi Sharma is an entrepreneur and founder of Madi Group. She was nominated for Women in Public life award, advocating for equality to achieve economic growth and social justice. She will confront the youth to the job market difficulties and question the importance of qualification.

Karel Janeček, is a Ph.D. Czech mathematician, entrepreneur and anti-corruption campaigner. He founded the project Democracy 21, using an algorithm to deal with justice and fairness. In his speech he will highlight modern communication technologies and the concept of game as a mirror of society as turning points to have a more fair and just society.

Alaa Jadallah, winner of the Student Competition, is a student at the College of Europe Natolin and Palestinian Diplomat. She is interested in gender equality issues and her speech will focus on women conditions in Palestine and on discriminatory acts that they face on their daily life.

Bogdan Logvynenko is a journalist, writer and traveller. He is the project author of Ukraїner, media that presents the alternative side of Ukraine through the cultural expedition performed to all the historical regions of the country. While focusing on the idea of meaningful traveling, he will elaborate on the anthropological dimension of his numerous trips to European and Asian countries.

Cankat Özkan, winner of the Student Competition is a student at the College of Europe Natolin, from Turkey. He will provide an exploration of the self as a perceived impossibility, challenging perceptions and highlighting the importance of putting impossibility into context.

Aleksandra Gliszczyńska-Grabias  is a Ph.D. Senior Researcher at the Poznań Human Rights Centre, Institute of the Legal Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, specialized in anti-discrimination law, hate speech and memory rights. She will address the issue of counteracting racism and antisemitism using legal instruments.